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dA's old green is gone XD nice step forwards!
I've gotten several questions, over time, from different people regarding my work, and I think it would be best to make a short FAQ about it.

1. What programs do you use? Photoshop or Illustrator?

I use both actually, depending on the purpose of the design I'm working on. If I ever have to deliver something that needs to be scaled (such as logos), the delivery will always be an Illustrator file, however, along the process I might use Photoshop to sketch some ideas. Most of my personal work is done in Photoshop.

It honestly doesn't matter that much what software you use as long as you can get creative with it. There are a lot of cool stuff out there that are not necessarily Adobe products. :)

2. Do you use a tablet?

No. I've had one before, but it hasn't been working almost a year so I adapted to make everything using an optical mouse... until I can afford a really good tablet.

3. How do you make your shading, and the shapes look so shiny?

Some people assume I use gradients or light textures with different blend modes, but I don't really do that. For a better control, I paint over the flat colour of the shape using Clipping Mask. It's a really tedious process, and it's also the reason why I use so many layers all the time, and why I don't upload pieces as often as other people. I'm sure there are better ways of doing it, but in the end this gives me a much better control of what I want the shapes to look like.

4. Do you have any tutorials for these things?

No, I don't make or follow tutorials as I feel they are extremely counter-productive. They're fine if you've just started using Photoshop or Illustrator for the first time, in order to know how to get around it and what every tool does, but further than that, people should experiment with different techniques on their own.

Imagine following a cool tutorial to make this nice effect in Photoshop, then think about how many people have followed that tutorial and are using the same technique with similar or even identical results, it just loses originality.

If you have other questions, feel free to comment and I'll answer the best I can
well... this change... it's something Sunny-side up 
It's been a while since I last wrote a journal entry and plenty of stuff have been going on since then. My mom had a couple of kidney surgeries later this year from which she recovered well. I'm doing okay career-wise, but not so great school-wise... which worries me a lot lately.

Basically, the legal reason as to why I'm allowed to live in my dorm, and Denmark, for that matter, is that I'm a student. KEA, the wonderful school that I so wisely chose to attend, and which I recommend to everyone who wants to study Multimedia Design, has failed me twice at the graduation exam. Because of that, I won't be back in school until January at least... so I need to find a way to convince my landlords to allow me to live here until I'm back at school. I have one last chance to pass the graduation exam this Wednesday, but regardless of the outcome, I will continue my studies outside of KEA, hopefully to an actual university.

Career-wise it's going okay :) I worked as a freelancer on some ads for a pretty big client this summer and I'm currently working as Front-end Developer at a Software company in Copenhagen. Front-end Development basically means coding websites (yeah, I can do that too), it's not as fun as designing them I have to admit, but I like it as well.

Oh, and I almost forgot, about those 29 illustrations, I'm working on them, it will take a long long time to finish the whole project but I think it will be worth it! 

Hope everyone's doing fine!
- Vlad  

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